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Extracts from Reviews of QSE in Professional Journals

QSE Advanced


"What a welcome ESL / EFL teaching series is this Eng1ish language communication course...
   Compactly laid out, the text will easily engage students and sustain their interest.
   Audiovisual materials are particularly effective...
   The instructional design of the Teacher's Guide will satisfy even the hard-to- please, classroom traditionalist.
   Four skill areas are augmented with loads of additional discussion material and integration ideas. Take a look at this resource : highly adaptable, very useable."

John McKeown, Materials Reviews Editor

QSE Intermediate

"The look and size of the book is very good... The topics covered are up-to-date and some are quite controversial... One of the differences in this book is the way that the speaking section of each unit has been divided up to give practice in conversation and discussion. ...I also think QSE seems to flow better than some books... I also think the "word bank" is a good idea, as is highlighting new words that are to be studied and learnt in each unit... I like the way photographs have been used as they don't dominate the page but are good for generating discussion... The reading texts are good and many are taken from authentic sources... The use of different accents is good... Out of all the books I have used so far for teaching I would say it is my second favourite... Particularly good are the speaking topics and role play cards."

Belinda Molnar, June 2009

QSE Intermediate

English Teaching Professional

" for speaking is one of the major strengths of this book.
   The other skills are comprehensively covered, too, but it is the help which this course gives with speaking that is so impressive. is refreshing to find a coursebook tackling contemporary issues that young adult students really want to talk about.
   Plenty of opportunities are provided for students to react to the texts in the books and to formulate and express their own opinions.
   An advanced level is also available… I haven't used this yet, but it looks just as exciting as the Intermediate level, if not more so!"

QSE Pre-Intermediate

IH (International House) Journal

"QSE introduces a fresh angle on the usual topics...
   Both students and teachers will like this, as my students did...
...the listening activities themselves can be quite interesting and relevant to modern life.
   Each unit in the book has a writing task on the topic, which I found very useful… good vocabulary and guided discussion.
   In terms of skills practice, QSE provides an interesting slant on topics, and the new vocabulary and productive skills are well exploited..."