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Downloads : Trinity Revised ISE 2015 & QSE

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Reviews of QSE

QSE - Quick Smart English

  • "What a welcome ESL / EFL teaching series is this Eng1ish language communication course for advanced level students..."
  • "Compactly laid out, the text will easily engage students and sustain their interest."
  • "The fold-out 'language banks' on the cover flaps will be invaluable..."
  • "Audiovisual materials are particularly effective..."
  • "Differing themes provide content for cross-curricular learning in science, music, law or drama, and include a wide range of sources, from reporting to fiction."
  • "The instructional design of the Teacher's Guide will satisfy even the hard-to- please, classroom traditionalist."
  • "Four skill areas are augmented with loads of additional discussion material and integration ideas. Take a look at this resource: highly adaptable, very useable."