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Smart English A2

Smart English A2

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Smart English A2 is the new course for teenagers with an emphasis on communication, using specially-made videos and student-generated projects.

  • 24 integrated videos specially shot on location in many countries
  • Exam / CEFR-based syllabus and activities, preparing students for Trinity College, London GESE Grades 3 and 4, and Cambridge ESOL KET
  • Simple 10-step structure
  • CLIL and online writing tasks in every unit
  • Four extracts from best-selling fiction for extended reading
  • Full grammar support, frequent revision and exam-format exercises
  • Strong emphasis on lexis and speaking; Language Banks on fold-out cover flaps for handy chunks of functional language
  • Teacher's Guide makes adopting the new course quick and easy

Smart English Video Pack

  • 24 original videos (two for each unit). These are not stock clips from TV, or scripted talking heads, but original films featuring the real lives and authentic language of young people around the world.
  • Every video comes with activities.
  • The videos are integral, although it is possible to use the books without them.


Smart English Videos

Real Lives

Teenage and young adult language learners from many countries are the stars of the course; they discuss their own lives and experiences, on video and in their own authentic writing using online tools.

Real Voices

The course is designed to help students to find their own personal voice through relevant language, with a strong emphasis on conversation and speaking skills, supported by thorough vocabulary and grammar work.

Real Skills

Communicative competence developed with thorough four-skills activities and solid grammar preparation and practice, using functional language and relevant tasks in the Workbook exercises and Revision sections.

Real Video

Purpose-made films with every Unit, featuring young peoples' ideas and opinions, demonstrating how complex issues can be discussed at A2 level. The videos are integral, although it is possible to use the books without them.


Review of
Smart English

EL Gazette - The Newspaper for English Language and International Education

Smart English is a new course for general English. It has several interesting features. First, the CLIL strand is superb, covering areas such as genetics, ecotourism, phobias and gravity. Second, an accompanying DVD takes students on an interesting journey around the world. Third, the book includes three (four) slightly longer texts to encourage extensive reading. I like the foldable cardboard flaps, which form part of the cover; they present 'language banks' of useful phrases. Topics such as circuses and street art should appeal to the target audience of young adults. The twelve units are well designed; includes some lovely illustrations. Worth investigation.

Pete Sharma, EL Gazette, November 2012