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QSE Pre-Intermediate (A2 - B1)

By Rebecca Robb Benne with Joanne Collie

  • New edition 2013 with 18 Units (new Unit 0 and Unit 17)
  • Common European Framework A2-B1
  • 4-Skills focus, with course framework and exam practice
  • Trinity Grades 4-6 and Cambridge PET
  • Emphasis on communicative skills, particularly speaking with role-plays, conversations and presentations
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) section with every Unit
  • Extended Reading, Portfolio Writing, Grammar and Use of English
  • 2 CDs : Listening & Pronunciation; Reading plus Units 0 and 17 Listening and Reading
  • Teacher's Guide : Notes for each Unit and Answer Key to all exercises
  • Photocopiables : Exam Practice and Quick Smart Tests for each Unit

    QSE Pre-Intermediate  CD 1     QSE Pre-Intermediate  CD 2

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QSE Pre-Intermediate B1 Lesson Plans

Available for every Unit of the QSE course in collaboration with International Quest Language Schools

International Quest

Student's Book
QSE Pre-Intermediate Student Book

QSE Pre-Intermediate Workbook

Teacher's Guide
QSE Pre-Intermediate Teacher Guide
QSE Pre-Intermediate Photocopiables